Newbie wuestion: how to view complete list of endpoints supported by Akkoma 3.5.0?

Sorry for the newbie question. Is there a way to view all the supported api endpoints in Akkoma 3.5.0? If it’s a matter of learning Erlang to understand the code, I understand and will try to learn what I can.

The driver for this question is to check is this endpoint was added for hashtag following. I suspect it was but I’m just too unfamiliar with the code to know how to verify.

mhh there is swagger if this helps you: Frontend Management - Akkoma Documentation

i can speed it up for you and say “no, that doesn’t exist yet”

Thank you. That’s a no to both the viewable API and that particular endpoint? (I.e. neither exist yet)

as rick says, there’s openapi (swagger) served at /api/openapi

view that as you will, any openapi viewer will work

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