Visibility mode that shows on public timelines, but not on federated

currently there’s no way to make your post

  • federate normally
  • show up on the public timeline for local instance folks to see
  • not show up on twkn for randos to replyguy

it’s a posting mode i appear to wish for very often, and i think it makes sense to add it to akkoma, with the increased focus on local communities.
the public timeline isn’t comprised of hundreds of people you don’t know, it’s a local community which i wish i could post more to without attracting people i’ve never seen before.

i swear this is something i could bet already existed, but now that i think of it…
+1 for this

by definition, the “public” timeline is all posts addressed to AS_PUBLIC from your instance, and the federated (twkn) timeline is all posts addressed to AS_PUBLIC by all instances

one is a subset of the other

i don’t really know what you’re asking for - who do you intend to be the recipient list for your new mode?

it sounds like this could be done by making the post Public on the local instance, but rewrite it to be Unlisted when federated out?


something right in between public and unlisted: shows up on the public timeline but not the federated one. what @trwnh mentioned sounds like a plausible way to do it