Unable to fetch following/followers number count

Before I start, here’s a brief summary of my setup. I’ve been running a Pleroma instance since July, and yesterday, I’ve migrated from Pleroma (v2.5.2) to Akkoma (latest stable). It took me a while to get it to work, but it’s been fully migrated, and it’s running as a docker container.

As I was scrolling through the Known Network timeline, I’ve noticed that every user I check has zero followers/following, but when I check their profile in their instance, the number of followers/following is almost always above zero.
But users that do have numbers above zero (e.g.: users that I’ve been following before the migration) show outdated values that hasn’t been updated since, which leads me to believe that my instance isn’t fetching followers/following numbers. Sometimes, it doesn’t even fetch the number of posts made by the users.

I have “External user synchronization” enabled on Admin FE, but I’m not entirely sure if this option is related to this situation.

Suggestions on what I should do? Let me know if I need to elaborate more about my situation.
Thanks in advance. :pray:


this looks like someone is faking their follower count, no action required.

this looks like someone is faking their follower count

No, it is not. Every since I wrote this post, the followers/following numbers (from users of other instances) hasn’t changed in my instance, it doesn’t fetch them at all.