Transmogrifier error with Lemmy

I am running Akkoma through the Yunohost package from my home.

I have recently started following a few Lemmy and kbin topics.

Unfortunately federation hasn’t been working with these. I see a lot of errors ilke this in my logs:

Error while fetching {:error, {:transmogrifier, :error}}

Since lemmy has been becoming so much more popular, this error has been eating up a lot of resources while activities churn through the transmogrifier and then error out.

What’s more, I am unable to unfollow them. Blocking doesn’t work either. Blocking the domain changes the “block” button to “unblock” but I appear to still be following the account.

Nothing appears in the logs when I attempt these things as far as I can see.

In closing I would like to say:
FloatingGhost is a baller.
Akkoma is Akkomazing.

Thanks for keeping fedi free.

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hm, i’m not able to replicate this - it resolves fine

what version are you using?

I am using 3.9.3.

I’ll keep poking around my configs to see if I can spot what is going on.

Maybe it has something to do with cloudflare?? That’s the usual suspect.

Pausing Cloudflare on the site for a few minutes did not change the results.

I managed to unfollow the accounts by looking directly at my followers from my profile and unfollowing them. The “following” icon stayed the same after clicking it, but upon a page refresh, they no longer appear in my following list.

System Load seems to be decreasing. I have blocked lemmy at the firewall level and blocked the big instances in my MRF until I can sort this out.

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Did you ever find a fix for this?
I’m seeing alot of transmogrifier, :error in my logs for lemmy and kbin accounts


I resolved this by blocking lemmy and kbin at the firewall level with cloudflare.

These errors were eating my server alive. It’s surprising how much activity has been happening on lemmy and kbin lately. It used to be a ghost town before Reddit went to crap.

This screenshot shows that in the last week, there have been 233k requests from lemmy and kbin that I have blocked with Cloudflare until this is resolved.

Ah ok, I was hoping that you found a fex for the errors as it seems that I can’t follow Lemmy or Kbin users and that error is a symptom.

I think I read the issue is with the Lemmy and Kbin platforms themselves and there are issues already open with them, but I’m not sure and can’t find an issue in their repositories that tracks to this.

I should put in a ‘me too’ here… running stable Akkoma [3.10.4-1-gebfb617b] and have been seeing these transmogrifier errors for some time:

Nov 26 09:15:32 [mycrowd] [error] Error while fetching {:error, {:transmogrifie
r, :error}}
Nov 26 09:15:32 [mycrowd] [error] Error while fetching {:error, {:transmogrif
ier, :error}}

Seems like I’m getting around 30-80 or so logged per minute.