Time-based theme switcher

I’m one of those that prefer a light theme/skin on my UI’s during the bright hours of the day, and then I switch to a dark theme as the evening progresses. On my devices/computers this is all automated by now, and many online service (Calckey in the Fediverse) allows the user to set one light/dark theme along with rules on when to switch or if it should follow the device settings.

Today I twice per day go in to Akkoma settings → profile to set the new background and then I switch to the theme tab with the dropdown and I pick my dark or light theme, apply it all and then refresh. Not the end of the world, and not urgent, but was just thinking that as Akkoma has done many of its changes based on a better/nicer UI for the user, this is one of the things that would simplify a bit if it was automatic.

On the topic of switching theme, is there a functional theme sharing resource somewhere? https://plthemes.vulpes.one/ is dead (downloads still work) and no one replies on any of the contact channels listed, and it doesn’t take submissions.


There should be a straight path to supporting this inside a single theme by using CSS media queries to support light/dark switching based on OS preference. I imagine that could be a welcome contribution to whatever frontend you use?

It would be great is there was access to the CSS from the settings panel. As it stands today it spits out a .json file for the theme, which is also (I’m guessing) why the background image is managed separately. It would be great if I could apply CSS (including backgrounds) myself. Or attach a background image (URL?) to the .json. Or upload it (which one already can on the profile tab).

Also, I am guessing there isn’t any sharing of themes that goes on outside of that defunct site. Should we have a forum (or thread…or “room” or whatever it might be called) for that? Or should I try to get my themes included in the releases, so they are available to “everyone”?

Currently I’m just sharing mine from a pinned post on my profile (over here if anyone would be interested)