The problem with relays

Relays does not work, I add it, the page refreshes and nothing. There is an error in the logs:

Jan 03 18:15:29 mix[593174]: 18:15:29.725 request_id=FzbYqHaTPwpA-ucAADJR [error] Follower/Following counter update for fa>
Jan 03 18:15:29 mix[593174]: {:error, "invalid value for header (only printable ASCII characters are allowed) \"date\": \"<D0><B2><D1><82>, 03 <D1><81><D1><>
Jan 03 18:15:29 mix[593174]: 18:15:29.934 [error] Follower/Following counter update for failed.
Jan 03 18:15:29 mix[593174]: {:error, {"Object has been deleted", "", 404}}

When I add through the terminal, it gives the error shown in the screenshot.

Help to solve this problem, I will be grateful!

you need to set export MIX_ENV=prod on the terminal first before running commands.
Thats why you get the !!! RUNNING IN LOCALHOST DEV MODE.

Maybe this fix the problem for you already (but yeah, adding relays should also work via the web interface)

Thanks for the answer, I tried to write the command anyway, nothing works.

The web just reloads the page and deletes the relay.

As the administrator of the relay I want to join said. For some reason, my instance is rejected from the relay

“the relay is rejecting because is trying to subscribe to it with type: Person instead of Application”

Hmm could it be related? Can't follow more than 1 relay

On my instance, relays don’t “follow back” after adding.

No, I don’t even have a “Follow back” button, the relay disappears immediately after adding it.