Can't follow more than 1 relay

Anyone having issue following more than 1 relay on develop branch? I’m on version 4a78c431cf

The symptoms are like this:

  1. Already have one working relay (previously added)
  2. Try to follow another relay - but “Followed Back” never turn to a tick.
  3. Same result for CLI and admin-fe

Tried following same relays on my other Calckey instance and confirmed they’re working relays.

are you sure it’s a problem with following two relays and not a problem with the second relay? if i remember correctly there are some issues with following misskey relays

I did a test and removed all relays. Now, I couldn’t re-follow the one that was originally working.:sob:

Turn out this was a massive own-goal. I didn’t enable “Allow Relays” under Settings > Instance :person_facepalming:

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