The case for re-adding Pleroma Chats + Shoutbox, but just turned off by default

More than once I’ve tried to get someone into Akkoma only to have these two removals be the reason they turn away. I understand the reasonings for not wanting to maintain them but it doesn’t seem like something you really have to maintain, they’ve just worked as is.

I think that while it made sense for you to remove when the fork was primarily for IHBA but now with such a vast use case there’s lots of instances that want to keep their feature set when they migrate to akkoma

akkoma should add on but not remove, if that makes sense

Hope to open up discussion, see if FG is willing or if others feel the same

akkoma should add on but not remove, if that makes sense

going to hard disagree with this, the goal of the project is to focus pleroma, which has almost no idea of what it is supposed to be - we are a microblogging platform, not a chat application. we should not keep tech debt around because a subset of people are fond of it.

also, pleroma itself is debating removing them as well (Decide what to do with certain features that have problems (#2879) · Issues · Pleroma / pleroma · GitLab )