The BIGGE to-do list

pinned topic for everything i plan to do so i can keep track of it and people don’t request what’s already planned maybe idk

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near future:

  • Following hashtags
  • roles (a la masto)
    -the beginnings of a static admin Fe
  • activity processing simplification

medium term:

  • static adminFE that acts closer to plaintext than the current adminFE OR extend admin-fe to be built-in. What i’m saying is the masto admin experience seems infinitely easier than the janky add-on stuff we have now.
  • mastodonFE extraction, make it less tightly-bound
  • replacement of mastofe with fedibird’s for feature parity

in the mists of time:

  • groups
  • ARM OTP building (arm vps?)
  • database size investigation, table merges?

in the holding zone of “things i’m blocked on until i get a 3am spark of inspiration”:

  • frontend swicher: i’ve got the implementation working, but i’m yet to find a satisfying way to do the login flow. frontends switch on login, but that requires a refresh which isn’t ideal

Where’s your LinkedIn profile?

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