Swagger-ui not loading

Trying the route /akkoma/swaggerui/ does not show swagger-ui

./docker-resources/manage.sh mix pleroma.frontend install swagger-ui --ref stable

Admin-FE config:

Admin-Fe frontends:

Please help me troubleshooting. I am using the docker installation.

the endpoint isn’t working any more for some reason, see comment Newbie wuestion: how to view complete list of endpoints supported by Akkoma 3.5.0? - #9 by ilja

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Thanks! At least it works using the FE Picker. That’s something :slight_smile:

(now moved to the more fitting thread, sry)

From the other thread

The issue is /akkoma is an API route prefix, so the frontend plug skips over the request. Ironcially the thing which makes /akkoma an API prefix is the frontend picker browser UI added in de64c6c while the preferred frontend override apparently (though no idea how) makes it accessible anyway?


Maybe instead of the route /akkoma/swaggerui we change it to /swaggerui at least would be no conflits, right?

*oma allows profiles to be fetched on /<username>, so adding something directly on the root will 100% cause conflicts there. Imo that’s a behaviour that should’ve never gotten in, but that’s another discussion (which also kinda relates to #279 - Add /@<username> route - AkkomaGang/akkoma - Akkoma Development ).

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Maybe the better solution is to use an subdomain for other FE?