Stop showing replies to blocked instances (or people)

Currently it’s really annoying, you set a domain block for your instance to get rid of, let’s say,, but your friends on love to reply to posts.

Currently the only way to totally drop those replies from the instance is to set an MRF keyword drop for

This will do a lot to clean up the timeline and make it usable if when I set a block for, it also blocks replies to them

I would also assume that, if this feature is implemented, it would also work for individual blocks as well

Thanks, FG!


this might be easier as a a front-end filter than a backend query modification, just thinking of the potential query makes me scared

the setting would make sense for sure, but first thing first

“filter out direct replies only” or “filter out where any parent status is from a bad instance”?

i.e should friend - replied to → random → badguy be filtered? or only direct replies to badguy?

I could go either way. Maybe a dropdown option with both as options. But just filtering out direct replies would be enough.