Sparing posts from expiry

Would it be possible to modify post expiry so it doesn’t delete posts if the poster likes them? Or if they’re pinned?

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no, expiry is absolute - expiry is specified by the posting user, and remote instances will expire the posts regardless of what we do

if we cancel the expiry, we’ll end up with a state that does not match what we have sent to the world, and remote users will appear to have interacted with a post that no longer exists

Can we get some sort of autodelete that does do that? It was one of the best features of Forget, being able to turn it on and have some, specific posts spared.

Or, at least, a means to determine whether a post expires at the time of posting/delete and redraft, similar to setting scope at the time of posting?

So basically a couple of setting like codl’s Forget, like Mastodon has now implemented to go with this

(Which I think appears to not work anyway but I need to confirm)

That would be ideal. Though even setting it per-post would probably help a good bit.