[SOLVED] Frequency to run update_users_following* task?

Hello, are there any guidelines on frequency or even any need to run the update_users_following_followers_counts task?

I kicked one off a little while ago for the first time on a six week old single user instance and it’s taking forever. I was considering running it weekly or monthly.

Is there already an internal periodic task clean up the same things?

You don’t need to run this.

Apparently this was just added as a one time thing to clean up after something 4 years ago https://git.pleroma.social/pleroma/pleroma/-/merge_requests/1166#note_27981.

These things should probably be either explained better, or just removed.

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I made an issue for cleaning these tasks up https://akkoma.dev/AkkomaGang/akkoma/issues/470

That’s great, thanks for the info.

I think I’ll keep the monthly vacuum in my cron.

Vacuum also shouldn’t be needed :slight_smile: Postgresql has auto vacuum on by default, which should be enough. I already have a PR where I explain this a bit better in the docs, but it isn’t merged yet #427 - Allow the prune_objects task to delete orphaned activities - akkoma - Akkoma Development

The only task I personally run regularly is MIX_ENV=prod mix pleroma.database prune_objects --keep-threads --prune-orphaned-activities (the last option is also part of the PR I linked, so not yet merged). This removed old posts and activities without local interaction and without breaking threads. I helps keeps the database smaller by removing posts I consider less relevant. Some people prefer to keep all posts, though, so whether this is worth running is really a personal preference.