Skipping Setup Questionnaire During Install

I’m working on an Ansible script to automate building an Akkoma instance from source; everything works well until I get to the mix pleroma.instance gen step, which asks a bunch of questions to create the config file.

Is there a way to either skip the questionnaire and build the config files myself or pass the answers to the script through env vars or the like so setup can be fully automated?

you can specify values for everything via flags, which should skip the relevant question

check mix help pleroma.instance

also you can use a default config file as a template, thats what i tried to do

that way, you don’t need to run instance gen at all

I don’t see how to autogenerate the db user password; --dbpass "" passes through an empty string, --dbpass autogenerated passes through the string “autogenerated”, --dbpass throws an error.

Also, my flags don’t seem to be registering, I passed --rum Y --db-configurable Y but they’re still false in the generated config.

When I run mix pleroma.instance gen from source there’s a bunch of compilation that happens before the questionnaire, is there a way to do that without triggering the questionnaire?

oh yeah… i forgot. i used otp in my try cause of that… at least i thought it would be simpler with ansible XD

i want to send you a link to my snippets, but it seems i didn’t push my code back to my repo… and my old code is on my old pc ^^v