S3 upload questions

Hello, I’ve just configured my Akkoma instance to make use of my Scaleway’s based S3 bucket.
I’ve used the instructions located here to switch from local to S3.
I’ve noticed, however, that the designated bucket only holds a few objects, while inside the other bucket, dedicated to my test Calckey (a Misskey fork) instance born literally 6 hours ago, there are 20k+ objects and about 4Gb of occupied space.
Is it normal behaviour? Have I configured my S3 correctly?
My Akkoma instance is where I “reside” in the Fediverse (personal instance, but the one with real interactions), while Calckey has born today only as a test; I’ve activated some relays on Calckey’s instance as well, but I wasn’t expecting such a size difference.
Thanks in advance
Best regards

this is normal! misskey and forks hold a copy of remote images locally, every image it sees will have a copy held of it

whereas akkoma will only hold your locally uploaded images, and will request remote images on-demand