Renovate default themes in akkoma-fe?

Hi everyone.

I recently set up my own Akkoma instance and while it works nicely, I really felt like the default theme selection is not very nice (could be called “retro” I guess…) and so I was wondering if we could get together and update the default themes (and maybe backgrounds, ideally .svg) to give akkoma-fe a nicer out of the box look and remove some of the especially outdated looking themes.

I’ll probably do it anyway for my instance, but if the devs agree that this would be nice to do, then I am more than happy to push this upstream as well.


I think this is a great idea. I am (as you know) currently sharing my current two themes as a pinned post on my profile, but on my instance I have it set-up slightly better, which admittedly gets over-written by updates, but is easy enough to restore to “my state, again”. It would be nice to not having to do that though. :slight_smile:

Also, I intend to make another couple of themes (as I like variation), so I will be forced to think about a solution for sharing them all “properly” (i.e. theme + background image) at some point.

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Great. Lets keep in contact then via Akkoma (I followed you there now) for closer coordination.

I made a branch for it on my akkoma-fe fork now:

But I’ll probably going to be busy with something else today.

But the basic goal is to curate and optimize a nice set of new default themes there, maybe do some smaller css modifications if necessary and them hopefully this will be accepted upstream.

I’ll also try to look into ways to load background .svg files, but I already saw that the exif tool might cause issues with that. However that should only apply to user-uploaded images I guess?

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Feel free to add mine. I could add a a bunch to a page on, like that existing site. Even just for now. (edit: I did this just to see)
I noted a few don’t work very well as they are too old from that old site now.

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Cool, thanks.

We should probably also add a nice custom emoji pack into it. I guess the popular ones like blobcat are not licensed in a way that would allow distributing them with akkoma-fe? Any alternative suggestions?
I think the blobfox one might be possible license wise.

Edit: Indeed Blobfox seems to be Apache2 licensed: Blobfox | Volpeon's Den

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I do like how the preview is generated on, I wonder if we can re-implement that site… I see the bot it refers to hasn’t been used in 2 years or something?

Yeah, I like that too. I tried contacting them on the contact details given but, so far, no replies or responses. Also not accepting my themes when I send them in. So, as far as I am concerned, it is not usable for uploading, at least not for me.

added yours to my blog linked above to keep stuff together for now, I assume you don’t mind @Mathias

I would put up a page on it’s own domain, but my wife will kill me if I buy even more domains… could do a subdomain if it seems like a good idea.

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FWIW: I’ve shared two more themes (“Field” and “Digital Abstracts”) on my profile now, as a reply to the other post, but this is a direct link to the post. I also updated Dracula in the original post.

Here are screenshots for all four of them, but no point linking to the themefiles here too as that would generate too many places I need to update when I…umm…need to update. :rofl:


Those look quite nice. You are ok with licensing them the same way as upstream Akkoma-fe, right? AGPL AFAIK.

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Yeah, I just do them for fun, for people to use as and when they like, so whatever license applies to related products, in this case akkoma-fe/pleroma-fe are valid for the themes I’ve made too.


In my thread (linked in previous post above) I have also added 2 more themes now. Don’t wish to spam this forum with them though, so just as a FYI.

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I keep pushing this back, so no idea when I will get around doing this.

But I found some nice themes here: pleroma-fe/themes at neckbeard - pleroma-fe - Expired Mentality Git