Remote posts are stale, new replies not available

I’m trying to set up an Akkoma server just for my personal use (migrating from

Posts get to and from the server, so federation seems like it’s working. However, when I view a remote post in Akkoma, I only see what the post looked like the first time it arrived at my server. New replies and updates to the boost and favourite counts are never shown, even though I can follow the “External source” link to see new replies that were posted hours ago.

I’ve tried multiple clients (Pleroma-FE, Mastodon-FE, Fedilab, and Husky), and none can see any updates. This seems like a server-side problem.

Is there some sort of cache I need to flush to get updates? The only setting I can find that sounds even remotely relevant is Settings → Instance → Remote post retention days (which is set to 365), but even that doesn’t sound particularly close to what I want.

Try following some people in the posts/replies you are not seeing on your server but visible on the original server. Posts can only show up on your server based on certain federation rules. Here’s what Mastodon does. I don’t know how Akkoma does it but it should be similar.

If your server is new, give it a day or two to federate posts from those you follow.

Isn’t that just how the original post gets to the server, though? On Mastodon, the impression I get as a user is that clicking a post in a timeline (to expand the conversation) prompts the server to go back to the originating instance and fetch the latest version of the post.

that impression is incorrect, that does not happen

if posts are not sent to your server by the originating instance, nor fetched by virtue of being in the replies, they will not appear

this is expected

fetched by virtue of being in the replies

And the state of “being in the replies” is only evaluated once, the first time the Akkoma server sees the post?

So, the originating server has to keep updating a thread (e.g. push) to your server?


however if server knows you exist, it will naturally send you all public posts

so the only way you can end up in this situation is if a remote server does not know your instance even exists, and that nobody on an instance that knows about you replies to it, and that the reply was not there at the moment our instance was made aware of it

OK, thanks for the explanation. It sounds like this problem will go away once I migrate my active account to my Akkoma server, so my server gets hooked deeper into the global social graph.

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yeah once imported all my follows, it increased a lot, and then after a couple of months it was even better - that may be a placebo though :grin: