Recommended minimum CPU/Cores/RAM for setting up Akkoma instance

I am thinking of setting up a self hosted instance on a VPS for 2/3 family users. What would be the recommended minimum CPU cores and GB ram that I should be looking at?

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Not a “official” response but for that low a user count I think even a Raspberry Pi would be sufficient.

I can’t really say how much my two 2 to 3 user instances consumes in terms of CPU, because Akkoma is just one of many docker images running in parallel.
One’s running on my homeserver with decent specs, and another instance with a few more users on a 4 core 8 GB Hetzner VM which is twiddling thumbs even though there are Nextcloud, Mattermost, Grafana and a few other docker services running next to it.

The personal/family instance show a database size of 3.5GB, the Hetzner VM is even smaller with 1.2GB


Thanks for your useful response.

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I have an instance I host on a Hetzner CX11. It’s the cheapest they have. 1 core, 2G RAM. This is fine enough and I believe should suffice for a couple of years assuming “normal” usage (ie don’t follow a gazillion relays and stuff).

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I had heard that Akkoma ran quite well on that minimal configuration. Good to have it confirmed. Thanks.

I have run on the cheapest Linode “Nanode” with 1 core and 1GB ram, but had 512 swap . And yep it ran fine for 3 users. (am now on friends hardware)

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i used to run an instance on a raspi3 but moved to a 1 core/2gb ram VPS after the musk migration happened. swap helps a lot too!

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Thank you all for your responses. Really helps