[reassured] Federation stopped working

hi I stopped receiving new messages I think from other than followers & I am not sure why. is there a way I could find out what happened?

posting system works fine however it is like the server is not online, checked logs no obvious errors, just messages about “object has been deleted”

i am receiving messages on server however it is not frequent. again not sure what is wrong.

Can you create an account on a mainstream instance, and send yourself a DM to test? If you can receive DM then it’s working

I could see my server from another instance yeah however I could not understand why I am not receiving messages through federation, like I was getting a lot of them now I am maybe only getting ten or twenty an hour.

I had that, it seemed once a bunch of recent posts from instances with users I follow had synced over, it slowed dramatically. I added a couple of relays and it picked up, but it really picked up after a period of time (month-ish) of just interacting and following folks. To the point I removed the relays and still have a reasonable Known Network timeline. Give it time, there’s probably nothing wrong I suspect.

ok, thanks. otherwise having a lot of “fun”. appreciate the support.

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when I attempt to add relays I get an error 500. I am using relays from

will these work?

pinging cause you know about this

oh got it, requires pleroma url-form. sorry to bother.

no bother, sorry I duck in and out of here and never have notifications on for anything :grin:

Good to see is sorted! Also a bunch of relays don’t agree with Pleroma/Akkoma so you will get an error. Just try another that takes your fancy.