Profile tab view that excludes boosts

I’ve seen this feature request from people on other fedi software and I think it makes a lot of sense. If a user boosts a lot, their own authored posts become difficult to find on their profile. When users migrate to a new server, sometimes they want to view their old account and copy or boost their old content, but they have to wade through boosts noise to do that.

We have the distinction between “Posts” tab and “With Replies” tab, the new feature would be an “Original Posts” or “Exclude Boosts” tab that shows only posts created by the user. Alternatively it could be two subtabs below Posts, like a “All” vs “Without Boosts”, default “All”.

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Just saw another post requesting this (of mastodon).

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This would be very handy.

I’ve implemented this here:

It’s just a frontend change, the backend already supports a parameter to exclude_reblogs.