Polish translation thread

Moving the discussion here from https://akkoma.dev/AkkomaGang/akkoma-fe/pulls/350

The translation is done there (the link was dead at the time of writing this post though): https://translate.akkoma.dev/projects/akkoma/pleroma-fe/pl/


  • filled in some missing translations from the previous version
  • ‘ono/jejgo’ pronouns where applicable
  • ‘eś (-aś)’ forms changed to ‘oś’
  • forms with ‘x’ or ‘_’ were deemed to clunky
  • masculine forms like “administrator” are currently unchanged, perhaps they should be reworked
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Errors found so far:

  • “remove follower” was translated as if it was “remote follower”

I’ve fixed it in on translate.akkoma.dev.

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The change didn’t make it to the latest version? NVM, I fixed it slightly again in any case.