Original Content switch and indicator for posts

This is just an idea and I’m not sure it’s solvable via Akkoma.

We see many reposts on fedi, which is great since we have disparate circles. But the Original Content (OC) should have priority over the reposts. Otherwise artists might stop caring if reposts by others get shared more than their original.

To be able to discern whether a user made a piece of art or a meme themselves, an OC indicator (checkbox) would be neat. Thus tagged posts get an OC box in the header in the respective FEs.


hm, whilst i see why you’d want to know what is and isn’t made by the creator, i’m not sure this would make a lot of sense as a feature as-is

you can’t actually verify that the user actually did make the image, so it doesn’t offer a load more than putting “i made this” in the post body - whilst adding extra data to federate (which is always… fun)

from a data model standpoint, one status has (n) medias, media attributes should probably be on an upload level

so -

what could theoretically be possible is , say,

(wherein the checkbox appends to the media description) - which would be compatible with everything and not add any params anywhere, which i think provides the info you’re after ?


This looks great! Like you point out, it would be a self-reported statement. Maybe we can wait for more people to say yay or nay.