Optional Notification Grouping

Spotted in https://retr0.id/objects/ef8c2866-6f95-45a4-a243-4ce567f6f903 and the related mastodon#20146 / mastodon#1483

It could be neat if it was possible to group notifications of the occasional banger post into something like

xeon and 94 others
:star: favorited your post

instead of getting a bunch of seperate notifications piling up.

Not sure about the exact semantics for it though yet, hence this discourse post instead of an issue.

It’d probably make sense to only do this if the user explicitly enables it as a setting, maybe with some configurable threshold that the post has to reach before grouping occurs (or grouping by time intervals as suggested here in that masto issue to keep a more chronological order).

Hard to say what’s a good balance here between visual comfort and avoiding turning into the next twitter.

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