Newbie Blocking Instructions

Can someone point me to some documentation on how to block instances with Akkoma? I’m assuming this is done through MRF but I haven’t found any easy to follow instructions on how to do so.
My current theory is that I put the instance domain as a MRF transparency exclusions. So, for example, something like putting into the MRF transparency exclusion box and adding an optional reason. This should block that instance from seeing my posts as well as block me from seeing theirs. Is that correct?

You can do it in the admin-fe after enabling ‘SimplePolicy’. This will give a new section “SimplePolicy” that has tables for blocking, federated timeline removal, force-nsfw, image removal, and more.

Transparency exclusions will prevent instances in that list from being shown in the nodeinfo and block list on the about page.

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That looks perfect. Thank you!
For blocking an instance in it’s entirety (i.e. blocking their activity from my instance and blocking my activity from their instance) would that be the reject table?

Yep, that’s correct! :slight_smile:

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Oook… now, how can I enable “SimplePolicy”? :roll_eyes:

You can enable it in admin-fe, under Settings / MRF