Migration Pleroma -> Akkoma

I am running on Pleroma Pleroma 2.6.2 and would like to migrate to Akkoma. My Installation type is Debian from Source. I am not sure if migration is still possible, Migrating to Akkoma - Akkoma Documentation is not working for me. Any experience you can share? Thanks.

going to need more information here

what do you mean it “isn’t working”?

git remote set-url origin https://akkoma.dev/AkkomaGang/akkoma.git/
git fetch origin

worked fine. with git pull -r I get error:

error: cannot pull with rebase: You have unstaged changes.
error: please commit or stash them.

well, that means you’ve changed files locally and git does not know what to do with them

if you meant to change them, commit them

otherwise checkout the version from the current branch

Thank you. Did everything as instructed. Seemed to work, but all activity is lost. I can open my frontend (soapbox) but am not able to see any posts. I tried to change frontends to Akkoma FE
mix pleroma.frontend install pleroma-fe --ref stable
but it does not show up. I seems something went wrong with database migration, but no errors were showing up.

I am sorry. Everything fine. That was a caching issue or similar. Everything fine. Migration completed. Thanks again.

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