Migrating Akkoma Install to New Serve

Hi, I am currently running Akkoma on a small AWS install (I used Docker Compose, setup notes here) and I’m looking to consolidate it onto a bigger server I have elsewhere.

I was curious if anyone had suggestions on the best/easiest way to move things over with no downtime. Is there an export/import procedure?

Or can I just stop my instance, rsync my docker file path over, swap my DNS over, and just start it back up?

Completely OT, and not in the slightest an answer to your question, but still: I came across your setup notes some time ago and found them very good. I run a different set-up, but still found good advice in there. Just wanted to say: Thanks!

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there is no way to do it with no downtime, due to federation neccesarily having to stop for a bit to keep the database in a stable state

you can typically just move the database over and restart though, that works

there are no notes for docker since it’s relatively new