Meta descriptions / search engines

Hey dear Akkoma folk.

I have a question regarding search engines. Since I have opened the registrations on my instance, I would like it to be searchable in search engines like duckduckgo, google and the likes.
I have adjusted my robots.txt to allow access to / and /about.
The googlebot has now come to a visit and the content of the search result has been updated.
But sadly it just says:


To use Akkoma, please enable JavaScript.

Is it possible to adjust this static part, so that the title is the instance name and a meta description with the same information as in nodeinfo is added?
Or is this non-trivial, as it is just a static part of the frontend, which cannot be changed by akkoma?

Then a hacky solution could be just editing the frontend files by hand everytime I update it? I mean, I could do this with a short shell script, but I would like to know, what the best solution for this would be.
Or maybe I missed something and there is a easy and obvious solution?

There is an option in admin-fe to have certain parts of akkoma-fe pre-rendered as static pages on the server. I have not tried it myself yet, but it might already do what you want, or at least should bring you there more than half way.