Matrix Group/Bridge

Since some projects moved from irc to matrix, i also began to use matrix more and more. As i long time irc user i have to say it has some neat features…

How do you think of using an bridge for irc or move to matrix? It should also be more open to ‘newer/younger’ ppl instead of irc

Its just an idea, if you want to say on irc only i completely understand :smiley:

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I think irc covers the needs there are, but i do understand the appeal of having a bridge. Especially for systems like matrix and xmpp, the integration can be done pretty flawlessly.

I’ve used a personal xmpp bridge for a long while, so it’s not that something like this hasn’t been done. But that was just for me and on my own machines, so it really just acted as a single client.

I think it’s more a matter of someone setting it up and properly managing it (and not do weird things privacy-wise or w/e). One thing I can think of is that moderation decisions on the irc side should go through to the matrix side (e.g. if someone who’s on the matrix side is banned from the irc room, then they should also be banned from the matrix room), i’m not sure how that works.

Yes Appservice-irc and Biboumi will transfer moderation from IRC and users joining from XMPP or Matrix can authenticate via SASL to gain OPs IRC side.

I run a IRC network with both bridges and it works fine.

Maintaining them is a bit of a chore (mainly the Matrix side of things as everything Matrix is super buggy compared to XMPP), so I would not offer to run them for, however I would welcome the Akkoma channels on our IRC network if that is an option.
The IRCd is the same, with modern ircv3 features.

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