Mastodon features

Coming from Mastodon, there are a number of feature that I’m missing from Akkoma/Pleroma.

I will try to list them from most important to least important to me personally.

  1. Data export. Most importantly posts and media, so that I can have a copy of everything that I have ever posted. But also bookmarks and domain blocks would be useful to have an export for.

  2. Server-side stored settings.

  3. Automated post deletion.

  4. Support for WebAuthn second-factor authentication, or even better, multi-factor authentication.

  5. Ability to view public posts as a guest without JavaScript. Maybe this can be solved by an alternate front-end.

  6. Post language selection. Although the current implementation in Mastodon still feels incomplete.


Something else that would be really nice from Mastodon is a confirmation dialog in the FE for renotes/faves.

Mastodon lets you toggle a setting where it will prompt you to confirm if you really want to renote a post, with a separate setting for doing the same thing for faving a post. It helps to avoid accidental boosts/faves.

And the Mastodon boost confirmation dialog lets you choose the boost’s visibility.