Massive load during account migration

I have fresh setup running for a few days. It’s two VPSes with 4 vCores, 8GB RAM and NVMe storage each. One is running Akkoma, the other has Postgres. Unsurprisingly they are pretty bored currently, which is fine as I plan to have the node open for public registrations.

Today I migrated my to-date Mastodon account over. ~500 followers, ~150 follows, nothing fancy. While the migration in the end worked out fine, I experienced a huge spike in server load. The host didn’t respond on http at all and load only settled after a few minutes.

Is this something common? Or did I misconfigure something? Maybe someone experienced the same and even solved it?
As I fear this might re-occur with every user moving in, I’m grateful for any hints.

can’t say without more information

what HTTP routes were being hit?

mastodon instances have a tendency to instantly ddos things when they learn about new media, they like to all rush to cache it at precisely the same millisecond which can cause spikes

(mastosoc has inadventently ddosed me a few times because gargron boosts cause so many insta-media-caches)