Managed Akkoma hosting


I decided to offer managed hosting for Akkoma. I think more people should have the choice of running an instance, and I also understand not everyone is willing or capable of doing the technical work for it.

I’ve been running Pleroma/Akkoma for several years for myself now, so I think it’s something I can do for others as well. I’ve spend time in the past years working on the software in some form or another, so this is just another way to donate my time to a project I believe in.

The idea is to have a financially healthy project based on donations. There’s an “advised price” of €6/month for an instance, which I think is a reasonable price to keep the service financially healthy. Income and expenditure will be transparent, and all money will be used for the service, or to support other, related, projects.

I wrote out things more detailed on If you’re interested in having an instance this way, check the site for how to get one.

Feedback is obviously welcome :heart:

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If this was available at the start of the year I probably would’ve pulled the trigger instead of going through the process of building up the automation to stand up and maintain my own instance, nobody wanted to host anything other than Mastodon.

That said, I would expect this forum to be filled with people who already have running instances so if anyone wanted to switch to your service it might be a good idea to mention you have a bulletproof migration process; suggested donations for more space might also be useful.

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Thx! I had to think a bit about this, and now changed the page a bit. I removed the mention of the 10GB limit and added that people can contact if they want to migrate their instance to it. I wont say “bulletproof”, but I’m definitely willing to check on a case-by-case basis.