Lots of "payload actor mismatch" errors

hey all. I’m running a single user instance on v3.9.3 and I’ve got a lot of 401 responses in my logs. Digging into debug logs, they seem to all be caused by “Failed to map identity from signature (payload actor mismatch)”. The relevant posts are conversations between folks and I can see the errors happening when I follow everyone in the conversation and they are typically able to post at me.

I’ve looked through github issues and here and can’t find any thing relevant. I’m also way out of my depth with elixir.

Is there anything I can do to clear up all these errors?

so, I’m stumbling through the code and the debug logs a bit and here’s what I think is happening. this happens most frequently when I only follow one person in a conversation.

but person X and person Y are conversing. Person X’s instance sends me Person Y’s response. The request/connection is signed with Person X’s key but the actor on the activitypub thing is Person Y. The payload itself though contains a signature from Person Y.

I think that’s what I’m seeing but I could be misreading the code etc.

that usually only happens with unusual relays, are you following any?

negative. no relays. this seems to be just regular ol’ traffic