Local-only post improvement idea

Hi FG, I hope you’re doing well

I keep remembering to post this, but keep forgetting.

But basically like, in glitch-soc you can trigger a local only post by ending the post in an emoji, default to :eye:

I was thinking this would be cool to have, for when I want to post from an app as no app supports local only posts yet. Then I wouldn’t have to load my browser just to do a local only post and switch back to Husky.

Without this, also, people browsing in apps don’t know that the post is local only, and they respond and their reply is public. In glitch soc you could just see the :eye: from any app and know what’s up and remember to add it too.

I hope you like this idea! Maybe you could even set in admin fe what emoji to use :blush:


Expanding on this idea - Can backend be made to enforce local-only for replies? Pleroma-FE already does it when replying local-only posts.

Fwiw; This idea looks like a good candidate for an MRF. So if there’s any one who wants to get into Akkoma development, this seems like a good issue to start with.