LIsts: Muting list members in Home

This is one of the odd things that I didn’t know for a long time was actually something in Mastodon-Glitch specifically and is evidently coming soon in Mastodon 4.2.

Proposed design; A setting, by list, that once a user is added to said list, all of their posts are muted in Home. Fedilab actually does this on the fly and that’s what I’m currently using to accomplish it.

Even better proposal; First part above, plus have boosts show up in lists (which I’ve not been able to figure out how to do it if it’s already available and No boosted posts in list timeline seems to indicate it’s not). Since that’s technically not just a filter, I can create a separate feature request thread for it if you prefer.

Thought process; if you are following a ton of accounts of diverse backgrounds/topics and a subset of them you want to keep track of constantly plus some you’re just casually interested in (e.g. reading bot content), this allows you to separate out the less time sensitive posts to lists so you’re not wading through less critical stuff constantly. In Mastodon, I had all of my research focused accounts shuffled onto a list, people who talked about gardening, people who boosted interesting stuff (ala LisaMelton), etc. For my friends or my core gaming interests, I had them in my home timeline and I followed that closely, but my lists I would check in once a day or every other day depending on the list. I would have thought it was an FE change, but I can’t do it with Masto-FE on Akkoma either (today).

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