Limit languages in input dropdown

I am bi-lingual and post in both English (75%) and Swedish (25%). However, those are the only languages I do post in. Yet the language selector dropdown is absolutely huge! It takes a lot of scrolling when I try to change it from my default (en) to the other (sv).

When I had a look around (before posting here) in the admin section I noticed there is a field for “Languages” on the instance tab in the admin. Perhaps it could be used to add your preferred languages in there, and build the language selector drop-down from the contents of that field? That would make selecting language for my post a lot quicker.

Or maybe (for larger instances) this should be a selection of languages on the user level (as opposed to on instance level)? In my case I am 100% of the users on my instance, but I could see scenarios where users might wish to post in languages that the instance admin perhaps didn’t foresee.

Anyways, just as a “would be nice if…” and obviously not urgent or critical in any way.

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