Just migrated from Pleroma

Just wanted to tell you that I am quite impressed with Akkoma, well and maybe also myself :slight_smile:

I have been running my single user Pleroma instance for a few years and over time got really frustrated by the lack of noise, I seemed to be the only one using it, nothing happening nowhere. Kept talking to myself on their Matrix channel until recently a few others and even one of the devs appeared.

Eventually I felt like I was riding a dead horse and started to look for alternatives. After reading a few rants about it being dead and finally your blog post about creating Akkoma…well here I am with my instance migrated to Akkoma. Even though I have been on develop (had to switch when production broke a year ago or so and was never able to go back because of db layout changes), and running docker.

So ~2 hours from first hearing of Akkoma to fully migrated., not bad.