Is it possible to let akkoma listen on a unix socket instead of

Hey there,

I have set up a new instance and I had to fiddle a bit with IPv4. My problem was, that I have only one address available, so I have to use a reverse proxy (nginx) in front of the one in the akkoma container.
So i put two config sections into the containers nginx: one for the external IPv6 connections with all the proxy settings in it and another one for an internal IP address without the proxy settings, which is used for connection from the other nginx reverse proxy for v4.
Unfortunately, I dind’t get this to work as expected. There are still some followings broken now.

My actual workaround for now is: in the container there is a socat running, putting port 4000 to a unix socket, which then is exported to the nginx, which serves the external IPv4 address. It now has a nearly similar vhost config to the containers nginx, but with the unix socket as the backend address. This now seems to work nicely (except the broken followings mostly on

Now I’m wondering, if it is possible to change the config to let the akkoma backend listen on that unix socket generally without socat. It is an OTP installation in alpine 3.18. It is not a problem to reconfigure the containers nginx to also use that.
The configuration is in the postgres database, akkoma version is 3.10.4-0-gebfb617

Thanks a lot for Your help!



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