Is it possible to filter out replies in the Timeline on the server side?

Pleroma FE has a feature to either filter out replies entirely or to only show replies directed to me or users that I’m following. The latter is what I’m using/my preferred browsing experience. I think it’s also what’s defaulted to on Mastodon.

It works great, but the issue I have is that when using mobile clients (either Husky or Fedilab), all replies get shown. While the proper solution is probably to request filtering from the apps, I was curious if there was a simple way to filter out replies on the server side in the meantime, or if anyone knows why the behavior works for Mastodon (do they do server-side stream filtering?)

I haven’t found one and it one reason I was hoping for a manifest.json file to be added to make the Pleroma-FE more mobile-friendly. It looks like that new feature was added and will be in the next release for Akkoma.

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Same problem here. While using Mastodon and setting the “hide replies” on the web interface, the mobile ones show the same behaviour. While using Akkoma, it’s ok from the web interface but all replies are shown on mobile clients. I’d just use the Pleroma-FE new PWA, but it doesn’t remember last timeline position and I lose notifications.

I ‘fixed’ it by using akkoma-fe on my mobile browser… most fedi clients are not well for pleroma/akkoma… they don’t render reactions, mfm and so on ^^v

The new pleroma-fe on mobile is nice. I just miss notifications (but an app can be useful just for that) and a bigger mobile font. It’s too small and a bit uncomfortable after some minutes

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My understanding is that this is a Mastodon thing.

I think the fact that Pleroma would show you everything in the timelines was a big differentiator to Mastodon a while back, but I’m basing this on a few scraps I’ve read on various pages recently.

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I hope Akkoma team will change this :slight_smile: Or, at least, a bigger mobile font for Pleroma-FE