Increase timeout on libretranslate request -> how?

I finally got LibreTranslate to work and it’s working great. I notice, though, that I’m getting occasional timeouts in the GUI and have to try to translate again. I’ve increased the timeout for the libretranslate frontend (or I think I have. I’ve tried a bunch of ways), and I was wondering if there was a way to increase the timeout for the request Akkoma makes?

Doing some testing, it looks like there is a 5000 ms timeout for waiting on the response from libretranslate. Is this configurable anywhere since I have some that are taking longer than that? (small instance so not worried about longer times)

if you’re running from source, akkoma/adapter_helper.ex at develop - akkoma - Akkoma Development is the timeout

though probably priority would be figuring out why it takes so long - no HTTP request should take that long

will be fixed by #307 - http timeout config - akkoma - Akkoma Development

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For sure. It’s a local install and my instance’s VM is lower-end. The texts are longer Japanese posts and I’m not terribly surprised that the local install of libretranslate isn’t as fast as it could be.

Thank you for the update and I saw the code commit. Thank you so much.