I made an installation guide on Linode

Open to feedback or otherwise, or maybe if help is wanted with official documentation I am happy to help out. This was written up more to help myself than anyone else, as a noob guide - as that’s pretty much what I am. I know just enough to be dangerous, unfortunately.

If it helps, or needs to be expanded upon, or you think it’s a bad idea to have out there, or whatever… :person_shrugging: open to suggestions.


Great guide, very detailed. I also wrote up a (less succintc) doc of my experience. In my case, it was of migrating from a user of a Mastodon instance, why I ended up picking Akkoma, setting up an Akkoma instance, but also a few other details, like setting up Webfinger to point to a primary domain for my account vs subdomain for the server, and doing the account transfer from Mastodon (as an end-user), and setting up Meilisearch.



ah very nice!
And thank you - it is detailed because I actually have very little clue, so it was me teaching myself along the way. I obviously skipped over some parts like tuning postres, but figured for just me and a couple other it probably doesn’t matter at least initially.
Interesting read on the webfinger thing, I had wondered how running on a subdomain like you are worked in practice.

Hey @snott . When I execute the step to 'Run the config generator ’ and press Enter, I get the following warning message. What should be done here? Press ctrl+c and edit which file to define the config path?

!!! Config path is not declared! Please ensure it exists and that AKKOMA_CONFIG_PATH and/or PLEROM_CONFIG_PATH is unset or points to an existing file

EDIT: It’s a new/fresh droplet in DO.

mmm not sure. I’ll run through later and see if I get that error. I suspect so and it doesn’t hurt?