How to serve multiple frontends

Hi there,
My first post here and a n00b question:
I would like to provide multiple choice of frontends for people but either I missed the info in documentation or it’s not possible. I have followed docs and added few frontends, but what’s the url for users to make use of them. Do I need to add extra location on my webserver pointing to them?

I don’t know if there is an officially supported way, but I have done this use the subdomain method.

These steps are for soapbox, but may work with other front-ends that are similar in nature: i.e. single-page applications. Installing Soapbox on a subdomain - Soapbox Docs

I have successfully done this for adding a soapbox frontend and a Mangane front-end on separate subdomains.

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Thanks I will explore that.

Was thinking though, it would be nice if akkoma would take advantage of multiple frontends as a feature and for example allow users to choose a frontend and have that choice either saved in preferences in db or in browser session. In that way users wouldnt have to remember the urls for each frontend other then default one.