How to get a working block bot policy MRF?

What is says. Some people have them, some don’t.

Akkoma doesn’t allow this. “Undo”, “Block” and “Delete” activities are not passed through the custom MRF modules. I don’t see a reasoning why this was added, but iirc, we mostly saw this used by trolls. Besides that, a “Block” should not be delivered to its target according to the spec, so we shouldn’t even be getting them in the first place.

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nobody who uses akkoma has one - ilja has covered the technical side of things (we just… don’t federate blocks), let me explain the reasoning other than that

back when the first block bots were set up, they were used almost exclusively by people to exacerbate a dogpiie or other such negative interaction; this is actually similar to how the funcionality plays out on twitter - screenshots of “you have been blocked by so-and-so” are spread, with no real positive outcome

as it stands there is are multiple accounts set up purely to publicise blocks, enabled by blockbot. this basically leads to blocking having the opposite effect than it should; it should be a silence, “i no longer care about this person” button, but via blockbot it can enflame the situation and make it louder, which is not optimal

hence, we made it impossible for akkoma to be used as a platform for blockbots and have no intention of reverting that decision


Ok, that’s stupid but I’m not gonna press charges. The council of evil knows whats better for me :speak_no_evil: