Guide for tweaking performance on low resource systems

I’ve been using pleroma for a couple years and only recently noticed the resource consumption has increased substantially.
Akkoma trimmed a lot of the unused features but I’d still like to know if there’s anything I can do that will stabilize on a low memory server.

I can comment what I’ve tried so far in an attempt to pull tips together to MR a page for documentation.

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There’s new options to prune objects and orphaned activities coming soon. Basically it will allow you to delete posts and corresponding activities (likes, repeats…) who are part of old threads with no local interaction or bookmarks.

So if you set it up right: if you have e.g. a 3 year old thread where you faved 1 post, the whole thread will remain. Same if you have at least one reply, or repeat, or bookmark, or simply if the last activity on the thread is still relatively new.

The idea is that threads with some local activity may be considered relevant. When there’s no reaction, it’s probably not relevant any how and just takes up space.

I ran it on my (4 year old) instance and database went down from 10G to 3G. I have the impression that it runs smoother now, but don’t actively monitor it, so can’t really say how much it helped as far as ram and cpu go.

I found when my 512mb swap filled ( on a 1gb ram Linode) it became less responsive, so set swappiness=1 and it seems to have helped. There are probably reasons not to that I don’t know about but been like it for over a month :person_shrugging: