GoToSocial Profle Pics and Emoji not liking Media Proxy

I had to set a GoToSocial instance in the whitelist for Bypass MediaProxy as no emoji nor profile pics would show for me.

Unsure if this is likely to be something I have done with my configuration, or something weird with how they federate those. Just posting here in case I get more info to add to this at some point, unless someone has a lightbulb moment as to why.

Oh It just occured to me that it may be Firefox; if I attempted to open a link to the image (emoji or whatever) in my media cache it said it could not be validated.

edit: not just firefox, it is the same in any app. I am not sure why a remote fetch would show the image, but akkoma mediaproxy doesnt seem to have it. :thinking: - and no I still have storage space for the media, so it’s not that.

(Also noticed hashtags open a link to the GoToSocial instance to view tags there, which is annoying: added to this post.)

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I suspect due to some security settings i have: STS and Authorized fetch are on, however these are not an issue any other time that I have noticed.

If I refresh the page they load fine (as I have a Whitelist exception in MediaProxy for their instance) but on first load the profile pics and emoji do not load.

I will work through settings and try to diagnose which is doing it, and am posting here as much to document this for myself and maybe help others if they are as clueless as me. Assuming I work this out

Update: another GoToSocial instance doing the same. I guess I’ll go find their git and complain there. I am going to assume people shouldnt be running GoToSocial yet.