Good repo for newer elixir on ubuntu 22.04


does someone run akkoma on ubuntu 22.04? If so… is there a good repo for elixir?
The distro repo is at 1.12… akkoma still runs with it, but i already get warnings that some dependencies needs 1.13.

Erlang and Elixir Packages Download - Erlang Solutions only has build for 20.04 and i didn’t find any other good repo is one solution for it

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mhh saw that yesterday too… gonna check it out, thanks ^^

works like a charm, thanks <3 <3

pleroma@rick-akkoma-1:~$ asdf current
elixir 1.14.3-otp-25 /var/lib/pleroma/.tool-versions
erlang 25.0 /var/lib/pleroma/.tool-versions