Getting to know Akkoma

I found you while looking for how best to perform SEO for my two Akkoma instances. I must say, it is difficult to find much but maintenance or build specifics for this software but I’ve only been building from command line for half a year.

I am fascinated by all of this and eager to learn and communicate as a rather new person to building from code. SEO is what I am researching to learn and there isn’t much out in the wild. Can I get some tips here? I will spend some time reading through and orienting myself for now. Thanks for allowing me access! abcro

the fediverse as a whole does not really embrace the existence of search engines indexing instances, and as such you will not find much “SEO” information - it is an intentional lack of documentation

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Good to know and thank you. I wasn’t sure but I do know that this is the reason for being federated. I work with Google and Bing a lot but am just now getting started with the fediverse. Appreciate your feedback.