Following Lemmy instances

I am hosting my own Akkoma (single user) server to be able to to take part in the Mastodon/Pleroma/Akkoma/etc. world while keeping control of my account.
With the current turmoil at Reddit I am wondering how I best approach a potential move to Lemmy based instances and communities.

I can follow Lemmy instances and their communities with my Akkoma account but discussions become part of the overall message stream in the Akkoma UI and the threaded nature of Lemmy communities gets lost. Which makes it impossible to follow certain subjects.

So I am now considering to replicate what I did for Mastodon/etc. microbloging with Akkoma and set up my own Lemmy server on which I create a new account which I use to follow other Lemmy instances.
But somehow this seems to go against the idea of federation and one account accross the whole fediverse.

So I thought I’d check if anyone her has maybe a a better idea?

At the moment that is what I would do, honestly. I have been wondering myself, but realised I dont need a reddit replacement.

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Fwiw, i don’t think it goes against the idea of federation to have multiple accounts. To me, federation is about allowing you to follow and communicate across different platforms. But different platforms can still serve a different need, so it can still make perfect sense to have multiple accounts imo.


Thanks for responding and confirming. I’ll give Lemmy a shot.

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You can try to use lists instead, so that they don’t pollute your main timeline. Only a few technical problems though:

  • The default interface for Pleroma is really stiff to handle lists. You can enter a list to manually add accounts to them, but you can’t add an account to a list directly from the account profile. Mangane does have that ability, fortunately.
  • Lists seem to have a hard-coded limit on the amount of items you can add to each. Seemingly an issue from PostgreSQL, where you can’t add too many items to an indexed string without the B-Tree getting saturated. My current record is of around 180 accounts. Is there some way to ask upstream to modify that limit by indexing the lists table using RUM or something else entirely?
  • Opening a list will make you wait for a while to have it populated. For some reason, as messages sent to a magazine/community are counted as retoots, and the “transmogrifier” doesn’t currently support the messages properly, the items do not get stored in the lists as they arrive to their respective inboxes. Maybe we should propose modifying the functioning of lists to make them more reliable.
  • And last but not least, the same “transmogrifier” problems mean that media previews currently don’t work reliably.
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Thanks, I went ahead and installed Lemmy, so far so good.
The only thing not working yet is subscribing to other servers, I can get to the Communities but my status remains “subscription pending”. But that’s probably for a different forum :slight_smile:

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The subscribe pending is just the remote server failing to respond in time. You are still subscribed and it works fine. Usually it helps trying to subscribe again, but especially is very overloaded.

Please make sure to secure your registrations as there is currently a spam-bot targeting Lemmy instances with insufficient registration protection. Admin approval or email verification seems to turn it away for now.

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Thanks, so far it’s a single user instance with sign-ups closed. I first like to understand how everything hangs together.
And in the meantime I managed to subscribe to all but one community. Now I am at comments being vastly out of sync, but that seems to be a well reported problem and hopefully will be fixed at some point.