Fix entry

Not sure it should go in here, but shouldn’t the information for the Wiki on What is Akkoma? - Join the Fediverse be updated? With the new “Join the Fediverse” site linking to that wiki, it looks suspiciously empty for Akkoma, which is a shame, as I think Akkoma should be marketed more/harder.

Then again, I don’t know if “growing the user base” is one of the goals. :slight_smile:

I could do it, but then again, I don’t actually sit on knowledge and facts, so that would be making stuff up, which perhaps isn’t ideal… :rofl:

Feel free to update it. I’m sure a lot of info can already be found on the site If there’s specifics, you can always ask and see what’s the response.

There’s many things that could be done for a project. But in the end it’s often just a case of someone doing it. And in FLOSS, that someone is often just the person who decides to take it upon themselves to do it :wink:


Right. So I did. :slight_smile:
It is now at least more informative. I hope I haven’t directly lied or falsified anything, but I am pretty sure there should be edits from someone who knows things. I basically copied/pasted the most of it from all the information sources I know of, and then added some of my own.