Filter Repeats from PleromaFE

The one feature I really liked from MastoFE that isn’t in PleromaFE is that you could globally disable showing boosts in the timeline, rather than having to disable them for every person you follow.

It would be extra nice if we could optionally filter them out of timelines AND profiles both. (I know when I’m browsing someone’s profile, especially to decide if I want to follow back, I’ll often find myself wishing I could easily cut through all their repeats and get to their actual posts.)


thats double edged… I want to see the inane rubbish people boost so I can make a judgement to follow or not :joy:

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~1 week into migrating to an akkoma instance, this is the thing I also miss the most.

I sometimes want to be able to see my timeline “without repeats” and sometimes with.

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