Exclude unlisted posts from searches

Recently Firefish changed their search to only index public posts. Currently Akkoma indexes both public and unlisted posts.

I feel that people generally choose the “unlisted” visibility to reduce exposure of one’s posts to random people. Having those posts show up in the instance search results I feel defeats that purpose.

I think Akkoma should follow in Firefish’s steps by also only indexing public posts.


Maybe instance local unlisted posts should be still included? I think search can be useful to find some community internal discussions that might be unlisted to not pollute the public timeline.

local posts are… local and unfederated though, not unlisted? Or am I missing something because I don’t know how things work behind the scenes.

I think @Kris is referring to unlisted posts made locally, the local scope is different.

I’m on the fence when it comes to indexing those to be honest.

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yeah likewise. I saw just now someone commenting on how a reply guy found a post they made 2 weeks ago on a tangentially related topic…

Sorry, yeah. I meant posts from the same instance.